Meet the Coaches

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Coach Chris

General Manager

Meet Chris

General Manager

Coach Chris is a retired law enforcement officer of 25 years from New Jersey. As a Police Officer, Chris was part of the training unit. In addition to being a patrol division supervisor, Chris’s other duties included running the Firearms Unit, teaching tactics, and running Simunitions, (fancy term for paintball) and assisting at the Police Academy. Chris’s other responsibilities entailed teaching Use of Force, Domestic Violence, Pursuit, and other mandated bi-annual training. Chris was also the Department’s Health and Wellness Officer. Following 9/11, Chris was recruited to the Essex County Rapid Deployment Team, and responded to such emergencies as widespread power outages, uprisings, and most notably, being deployed to New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. When Chris is not coaching or working out, he enjoys quality time with his wife, Lori, and two fur babies, Chelsea, and Ella. Chris enjoys time outside of the comfort zone and loves skydiving, long rucks and other activities that push the limits.

Chris began his CrossFit Journey in 2011 when he needed a wakeup call to start taking his health more seriously and loved the training methodology so much, that he began coaching in 2013. His previous gym routine was getting boring and did not feel like he was being challenged enough on his own.

Why I love to coach: The favorite part of coaching is the fulfillment of seeing people improve the quality of their life, one rep at a time. It is truly inspiring to see folks begin their fitness journey and crush their fitness goals, whether it is making the varsity team or re-gaining functional independence in their senior years. 

Favorite workout: Anything that involves a lot of mutual suffering. 

Least Favorite Workout: none. I love them all. Except Fran. Can’t stand the Fran!

Fun Fact: Chris hasn’t had a drop of alcohol since 2006, because drinking became a distraction and major obstacle to achieving his goals, (also, his cholesterol was sky high). 

Certifications: CF-L1&2, Burgener Olympic certification, CrossFit Gymnastic Certification, USAW Level 1 Coach 


Coach Dr Jeff


Meet Dr. Jeff

Dr. Jeff Williams is a career teacher and strength and conditioning coach.  He has worked in a multitude of different settings from the physical education classrooms to higher education in Exercise Science and Human Performance.  He is passionate about how exercise, nutrition, and overall health affect each person different, but more important he aims at trying to increase performance and decrease injury through a balanced, symmetrical body.  Dr. Williams has been a professor at Keiser University since 2012 and has been a strength and conditioning specialist for sports teams, CrossFit athletes, and weightlifters from Connecticut and Florida areas for 15 years. Along with instructing students and coaching athletes, Dr. Williams is the Department Chair for all Keiser campuses in the state of Florida for Keiser University. He oversees enhancing the curriculum that students take to keep up with the changes that happen every year in the world of health, fitness, and athletics.

Outside of the classroom and gym, Dr. Williams is an avid exerciser and is always trying to bring out the best in people through diet changes, exercise habit changes, and assisting others to create a positive mental state. Dr. Williams enjoys all sports and enjoy spending time with his two girls at home. Anything outdoors and traveling are a great break from his busy life!

Why I love to coach?  There is nothing else better than seeing progress. My job can be difficult when trying to watch so many people at one time, but it is the smile and look of accomplishment when you all finish a workout that keeps me wanting to come back the next day and help you. At ENG, we coaches, especially myself, love hearing the PR Bell ring, and this is something that I hope to see each and every one strive for. 

Favorite workout? Weightlifting movements (all of them), muscle ups, and sprint work

Least favorite workout? Anything with double unders and rope climbs. I’ll do them, but I wish something else would be programmed!!!

Fun fact: From a young age until I moved to Florida, I actually traveled the country and worked on racecars. I have worked with some very famous drivers throughout the years.

Certifications: Doctorate in Health and Human Performance, Masters in Exercise Science, Bachelors in Health and Physical Education, Catalyst Athletics Certified Weightlifting Coach, CrossFit Level 1 Coach, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

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Coach Stephanie

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie was born and raised in Pennsylvania right outside of Philly.  As a kid she was always outdoors and involved in sports. She always worked out and went to the gym.  Back in 2015 she tried a bootcamp class even though she was a little hesitant and she’s been hooked ever since.  After many years of bootcamp she wanted to try CrossFit. That’s when she found CrossFit ENG just a few months after they opened and instantly fell in love.


When Stephanie is not coaching, she loves spending time with her husband, children, and dogs. She loves to be outdoors whether it’s at the beach, poolside, walking, or playing with the kids. On the weekends she enjoys hanging out with friends and family.  Rarely does she miss a Sunday ruck with the ENG family.


Favorite workout?  Rope climbs, cleans, and anything with a barbell.  My absolute favorite are the grueling chippers.  Pretty much the awful workouts that everyone dreads.


Fun fact?  I am a foodie and love to cook and bake.


Why I love coaching?  I love helping people better themselves.  It’s very rewarding to watch people progress over time.  I believe exercise is just as important for your mental health as it is your physical health.

coach codI

Coach Codi

Meet Codi

Coach Codi was born and raised in the great state of Maryland. In 2014, Codi earned his Bachelor of Science degree in business administration concentrating in entrepreneurship at Towson University in Baltimore, MD. Before that, Codi grew up in a little town called Williamsport, located in western Maryland where he enjoyed fishing, hanging out with his friends and family, video games, and running. When he's not riding or working on his motorcycles, he's usually at the beach or laying low at home with his two cats, Carmine and Oxley.

Codi brought his affinity for fitness to CrossFit ENG in January 2019.  Before that, Codi built his fitness foundation in cross country and track & field. There, he specialized in both individual and relay races, between 400 to 8,000 meters.  After developing a passion for CrossFit, Codi obtained his CF-L1 in October 2020 to further himself and help those around him at the gym every day.

Why I love to coach? I love to see people push themselves and suffer together in a team environment. There's just something about the camaraderie between my fellow coaches and the athletes as they all suffer together that I really enjoy!

Favorite workout? Clean ladders, Chippers, anything with HSW.

Least favorite workout? Anything with heavy deadlifts, especially when followed by running.. Oh, and the hero WOD Kalsu.

Fun fact: My beard is all natural.. in case you were wondering..

Certifications: CF-L1



coach cameron

Coach Cameron

Meet Cameron

Coach Cameron is a current student seeking his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Cameron has earned his Bachelor's Degree in Health and Human Performance at Keiser University. His Bachelor’s degree has given him the knowledge and experience he needs to become a great coach. 

Cameron has participated in many organized sports throughout his youth and highschool career. Sports such as wrestling, football, cross country, and track provide a strong base for Cameron that can be applied to CrossFit’s programming. Cameron was introduced to CrossFit in early 2018. His first CrossFit workout was FRAN; it was a humbling experience. Cameron later obtained his Level 1 Certification in 2020. He is a natural competitor who loves to push others to be better. His goal as a coach is to strengthen the athlete's weaknesses and encourage healthy lifestyles. 

Why do I love to coach? I love to coach because I believe strength training is the best source of injury prevention. Being a CrossFit coach involves working with many different populations. One of my favorite things about coaching is learning how to work with and push each athlete individually. My ultimate goal is to become a Physical Therapist and promote healthy lifestyles that include exercise and functional movement. CrossFit gives me the opportunity to help others with their fitness goals.

Favorite Workout? My favorite workout is anything sprint related, such as RipCord. What I love about sprint workouts is how explosive and competitive they are. Not only do they measure intensity and stamina, but they also measure mentality. You need to be resilient and hustle from start to finish.

Certifications: CF-L1, USAW Level 1, CES

coach kelsey-2

Coach Kelsey

Meet Kelsey

Coach Kelsey is a born and raised Floridian. Growing up she played competitive soccer and went to USF to play D1 soccer. She shortly after got injured and continued her career academically graduating with her bachelor’s in health science. When Kelsey is not in the gym you can find her at the beach, participating in any outdoor activity, or just hanging out with her family.

Shortly after returning from Tampa Kelsey discovered her love of Crossfit through her parents. After the first day she was hooked even though the second day was debatable because of the soreness! She acquired her Crossfit level one in the beginning of this year because she is always eager to learn and grow from this sport. Being an athlete, all her life Kelsey feels like she could really make a difference in helping people out with Crossfit!

Why I love to coach? I love to coach because I love seeing people bettering their lives for not only their physical appearance and health but for their mental health too . Working out is good therapeutic and good for the soul, it’s nature’s medicine!

Favorite workout?  My favorite type of a workout is anything with the barbell and any chipper style of workout. I also love any type of hero WOD. I may not love all the movements in them, but it is cool to see your progress over time when you do them!

Least favorite workout? My least favorite workout is anything body weight and long types of cardio. I ran enough for soccer, and burpees are just not a favorite for me lol.

Fun fact: I am currently working on my own online retail clothing store!

Certifications: CF LVL-1


Coach Maryanna

Coach Maryanna

Meet Maryanna

Coach Maryanna is from West Virginia where she was raised climbing trees, hiking in the mountains, whitewater rafting and hitting the ski slopes.  She has been involved in sports her whole life and learned to love distance running, triathilons and OCR races during adulthood.  Maryanna joined the Crossfit community in 2018 and has fallen in love with the sport.

Professionally, Maryanna has a career within Human Resources, however, she has had her share of coaching, training, and mentoring athletes.  Maryanna has been a cheerleading and running coach for the youth, a certified personal trainer, and a certified class instructor for a variety of classes and age groups. Maryanna's goal is to always be a positive ligt to fellow athletes and to help them grow to achieve their goals and potential. Her cheerleading background comes out when coaching as she has a motivational and energetic approach when leading classes.

Why I love to coach? I truly enjoy motivating other and helping them reach their goals.

Favorite workout? Toes to bar, pull ups and running 

Least favorite workout? Overhead squats

Fun fact: My favorite food is pickles

Certifications:  CF-L1, ACE Personal Training, ACE Fitness Nutrition Coach, Certified Instruction Insanity, Zumba, Pilates

lor no name

Coach Lor

Meet Coach Lor

Coach Lor, as her friends call her, has been involved in the CrossFit community for a decade now. She grew tired of the usual gym routine and wanted to try a new challenge. After her first workout that consisted of box jumps and burpees, Lor fell in love with the program and as a bonus, met a bunch of cool people that she is still friends with today.  

When Lor is not coaching, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two fur babies. Lor also enjoys hanging out with her friends and going for rucks with her CrossFit ENG tribe as well as simply enjoying the beautiful weather that Florida provides and relaxing with a good book.  

Why I love to Coach? I enjoy coaching up my members and love to help people increase their functional independence, and I gain much  joy from seeing my athletes develop and learn new skills.  

Favorite workout? Anything with a barbell. Overhead squats, Cleans, and snatches are her favorite.  

Least favorite workout? anything cardio! 

Fun Fact? Lori loves dancing! Whether its club music or ballroom, Lor will be out on the dance floor! 

Certifications: Lor is a certified CrossFit Level 1 trainer and has additional certifications from the CrossFit Weightlifting and CrossFit Gymnastics courses.

geo no name

Coach Geo

Meet Geo

Coach Geo hails from Brooklyn NY and has a military background where he was a Paratrooper with the legendary 82nd Airborne. When Geo is not coaching, he is hard at work as a funeral director and has a degree in Mortuary Science.  

Geo has a strong passion for the endurance event community and loves outdoor activities such as tough rucks, the longer the ruck the better. Geo has personally conducted or participated in several 12–24-hour rucking/obstacle events. Geo enjoys the sunshine that Florida is known for, however, he really loves to get after it in the summer thunder storms, the more aggressive the weather, the better!  

Coach Geo has always been enthusiastic about exercising and loves to help others increase their functional independence. Prior to joining our gym, Geo used to run bootcamp style classes at the local park and enjoys the fulfillment of helping others. Training with others with CrossFit or Bootcamp helps keep Geo accountable and makes the workout more enjoyable. Geo also feels that the ENG community brings a camaraderie that he misses from his years in the military.  

Geo’s other hobbies include recreational shooting, cracking jokes with his friends and being tossed into a swimming pool because of his joke cracking.  

Seeing his members pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone inspires Geo  and he is truly humbled that he gets to be a part of these lions discovering just how strong they can be.  

Favorite Workout: anything that is a long grinder. The kind that leaves you lying on the ground, soaked with sweat and staring at the ceiling wondering what the number of the bus that just hit him was. 

Least Favorite: Overhead squats and any movement that requires him to be upside down.  

Fun fact: Geo has the innate ability to remove his sneakers in a nano second, which comes in handy when his friends are sneaking up on him to throw him in the pool Also, after a brutal workout, you can always count on Geo to say, “easy day”! 

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Coach Lynzie

Meet Lynzie

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